Garden Seasons – Life Seasons

Well we’ve got to those dark November days that I really dislike. Hopefully Christmas will cheer things up and once on the other side, it’s countdown to Spring and our wedding!

On one of the occasional clear and frostier days we had last week I took some photos of the changes in the garden which can be seen here.

In life as in nature, we have seasons. The last month I’ve tried to be as productive as possible before starting a new work journey. Getting home projects finished. It’s been very tough to acknowledge that I needed to walk away from the challenging roles with the level of responsibility that pays the decent money. Sadly, that’s the world we live in and I can’t keep up anymore. Nor do I want to try.

For this next phase I shall look forward to marrying my wonderful man, working differently and spending as much time as we can doing the things we love while coasting to retirement.

Ciao for now,



November changes

Well I really can’t believe it the 1st of November and only 7 weeks to Christmas! Can somebody please hold back time?!

I’ve done absolutely nothing to prepare for the festive season, it’s crept up on me more than ever this year. The last few months have revolved around trying to find work, home improvements and wedding plans. I’ve had to do some serious soul searching around my working life after leaving a very stressy job at the end of June. It’s been challenging emotionally and financially- I don’t think I’ve ever made such a small pot of money stretch so far …

I’ve just not known what to do as usually things just fall into place but this recent phase has been a massive challenge. I’ve had to deal with the reality of getting older and being able to cope – or not, in a very competitive culture of work. My career started late after raising 4 kids and going to university at 46 but I’ve done 18 years in education and now realise it’s done. I’m done.

A new chapter awaits with some work I can enjoy, a wonderful partner and husband to be after two failed, crappy marriages to men who blamed me for their own failings! We are building a home and a life together as we enter this next stage of our lives and coasting to retirement.

Once you embrace the changes, begin to slow down but still plan new adventures, life after 50 really is what you make it.

Happy November


Autumn vibes

Today was a bit misty and murky here in my part of Derbyshire. Nevertheless, after being stuck in the house for 3 days due to work being done, I went for a walk. Just what I needed and took lots of photos. It’s a local circular walk with lovely countryside on the doorstep and a great cafe stop as I enter Stanley village around half way.

Although it’s only just over 3 miles it’s a good one to do when time is a little short. I took in the landscape with beautiful colours and misty horizons. I passed horses grazing, heard birdsong and squelched through lots of mud!

Hope you’re enjoying this Autumn season and can get out and about. It helps so much with my mental wellbeing as well as physical health and as I get older I have learnt to value our beautiful land so much more.

Sunday Sunday

Sunday’s are just so good. Today is a damp and murky one here in my part of Derbyshire but we’re just relaxing with the papers after a busy Saturday and being out this morning.

We were up at Cromford yesterday for Apple Day where my man was part of the Morris side who danced. It was a lovely autumn day. In the evening my sister arrived with her husband and were staying over. A lovely meal was had at the Durham Ox in Ilkeston which was s treasure of find – Ilkeston can be a bit lacking! Great food, plenty of wine and 5 hours later we finally all went to bed in the early hours.

This morning after a breakfast of tea and toast we went to Denby pottery for a mooch round. Our guests bought Dartington crystal glasses and some placemats while we found a great pestle and mortar. Later after saying goodbye to my sister and brother in law we collected my car from where we left it last night and now it’s home sweet home. And relax… I’m pooped!

Happy Sunday to all



Hello … I’m back!

Do you know I actually forgot I’d started this? It wasn’t until I was reading another blog and wanted to comment that WordPress asked me to login and what do you know? There’s Cinquenta Life!

That’s so typically me, a bit ditsy, start something- get distracted. Anyway I hope for some followers and I’m aiming to focus and enjoy writing this.

Some things have changed, others are still proving a challenge. More of that later.

Happy Friday!


I Love Wine

E0F67153-A79B-472B-8506-16B563EFFD79I really do just love wine. The red and the white, although I probably drink more white.

While my partner prefers the French wines if Bordeaux and being Italian, drinks out of a tumbler, I like big, bold New World wines. And I drink them in lovely large wine glasses!

We laugh at this difference, peasant and posh. I wonder what evidence there is for wine tasting better or worse depending on the glass?

Anyway my favourite red is Merlot and white it has to be an oaky Chardonnay. Yum! I’ve introduced my better half to the delights of good Champagne – Veuve Cliquot or Tattinger and the quaff able Prosecco.

Why Cinquenta?

The name Cinquenta simply means fifty in Italian. This reflects my love of all things Italian, including my partner who has Italian heritage. Now I didn’t set out to bag myself an Italian but I’m very glad I did. He inspires me, supports me and brings a different perspective, attitude and character by growing up influenced by a different culture.

Having passed my fiftieth birthday almost four years ago, I’ve had time to reflect on what that has meant for my life, how I live as a fifty something and my hopes and dreams for the future. Born in the sixties we’re the generation who have experienced much change but also had a huge range of opportunities – generally we’re healthier and have a much younger mindset. The aim of this blog is to share thoughts and ideas on travel, food, health, beauty, fashion and general lifestyle tips.

I really hope you will journey with me and contribute to what I hope is a useful community.

Best Wishes,


Wrestling with life decisions

Not for the first time I find myself at a career crossroads. Finding myself unhappy, worn out and jaded in my role after four and a half years, after getting the job I worked so hard for and, that I thought I wanted. As you can imagine this has me feeling confused and without direction at the moment. I’m sick of striving and feeling like I can’t keep up, tired of running on empty in a career which constantly takes. I teach. In a college in the UK where there’s a recruitment crisis in education and teachers are throwing in the towel.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I’ve reduced my hours more and more but it’s still no good. Do I go after something completely different or seek another role in education? As we get older our priorities change, we want different things and usually to start to wind down towards retirement.

I’m caught in the conflict of needing to earn reasonable money but feeling that I now want a better balance and not to feel pressured. As I explore different ideas and options I’ll keep you posted and I’d love for you to share inspiration as to how you made a positive career switch later in life!pexels-photo-220516.jpeg